a Calm day in january

Well, in case no one looked at the weather today, it was a great day for flying in January! Nice calm day and mostly sunny as the day went on. Some regulars showed up to take advantage of the nice day as well as a new member (Steve). Today saw a maiden flight from Mike Sobinovsky and his new Pilot Rc 74″ Slick with a fresh new EME 35cc gas engine. He put a good few tanks through it to get the engine broken in and it was already starting to sound better by days end.

Our new member Steve brought his autonomous electric predator plane out (see vid) and managed to get two successful flights in, completely hands free. His computer/GPS/Telemetry setup was impressive and was surely something you don’t see every day. All in all everyone got in a good number of flights without any crashes with a close call from Dave Karash with a finger slip on the sticks on the Oxy!! (see vid)

We hope to see more people out soon!

Some planes & EDF jets
This is what trouble looks like…
Tureac’s Kraken
Soby sendin’ it for the maiden!
85″ EF Edge 540
It flew!!
Kraken in action
Karash and his Oxy
Autonomous takeoff
Dan knife edge with the Edge 540
Da New Slick
Forza and Oxy

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