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October Fun Fly

Going to have a fun fly in October with the date to be announced in the near future.  This will be a club member event.  Bring your own food and beverages!

Jets over the valley 2021

Event will be held from August 27-30th.  Pilots fee of $40 to join the event.  All Covid-19 safety guidelines must be followed.  Because of the current situation, no food vending will be provided.  Thanks for your understanding.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the following guidelines must be maintained to fly at the flying field.  First, be aware of all posted signage at the field.  These serve as good reminders of the practices that should be followed at our field.  Secondly, do not come to the field if you are ill or have a temperature above 98.6 degrees F.  

Lastly, please use common sense, practice social distancing, and be be kind to your fellow fliers.  We look forward to this all passing by and getting things back to normal!